Specific roles and tasks of the midfielde

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Midfielder is a very important position when playing football, which determines a lot about winning or losing. This position will take on specific roles and tasks when on the field. Let’s learn more through the article below of 55bmw ph to get more information for yourself!

What is Midfieler?

Midfielder is a midfielder position on the football field, used to refer to players who play below the position of strikers and above the position of defenders in football.

Midfielder is an English name abbreviated as MF. When playing, players in this position will have to move quite a lot on the football field. There are times when they will have to step back, but there are also times when they will have to proactively attack to help the striker score a goal.

Not only do they have good physical strength, but these players also have highly appreciated techniques such as: kicking the ball, dribbling and distributing the ball to pass on to their teammates to help them score goals.

So it can be seen that this position is very important and greatly affects the win or loss for each team. Without support from the midfielder, the striker will not have many opportunities to score against the opponent’s goal.

The main roles and  duties of the midfielder

Central midfielder position

This is the central player of the team who plays a very significant role when on the field. Players in this position will directly receive the ball from their teammates to distribute to different places or even to score a goal.

If big teams don’t have good central midfielders, it’s very difficult to sign up for a ticket to the finals. Some famous football stars playing in this position have scored many impressive goals such as: Paul Pogba, Toni Kroos, Xavi…

Left-winger and right-winger are considered two significant positions, playing in the middle of the field along the touchline. These two positions will not play in the center of the field like central midfielders.

The winger’s mission and role is to attack and always stay close to the sideline. They will not need to return to defend, nor will they need to attack too much like some other positions. In modern football, this position is retreated to defend when necessary.

So what are the requirements for the midfielder position? When taking on this position, players need to be agile and have good cutting and turning techniques. At the same time, the ability to cross the ball must be accurate to pass the ball to your teammates.

The winger is an attacking position that will often be the closest to the opponent’s defender position. Even these positions will be most frequently fouled. Therefore, these positions require players to be able to handle situations quickly and have diverse skills. At the same time, good physical fitness is also very important.

Famous players who have played in this position include some famous names such as: Arjen Robben, Di Maria, Alexis Sanchez, Bruno Fernandes, Kevin De Bruyne.

Midfielder has an important position for football teams

Defensive midfielder player

What is the midfielder position?, this is also a defensive midfielder in football. This position is the player directly below the central midfielder. They will have the main task of receiving the ball from their teammates to support the defenders. At the same time, it also helps prevent the ball and attacks from the opponent from entering the net. This position will help the full-backs and other midfielders during play quite a lot.

In general, the main tasks of players in the defensive midfield can be assessed as follows:

Directly block the ball and support your teammates to create attacks on the opponent.

Covering positions such as defenders and midfielders to help them attack the opponent and score goals.

Directly receive the ball from the defender to pass to other positions.

Distribute and pass the ball from the center to the two sides, or pass it directly to the players to attack.

Create pressure for the opponent to move the ball to positions near the boundary.

Directly prevent ball movements into the middle to hinder the opponent’s scoring.

Above is the information about what a midfielder is that we want to send to readers. Hopefully through that you will see the role and duties of this position in football. Each position has equally important roles.

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